Thursday, 20 September 2018

Create Volcano Speech

A volcano is a mountain with a hole where lava comes from. Parts of the volcano is lava, throat, molten magma, secondary vent, ash cloud and vent.

When a volcano is active, materials  come out of it. The materials include lava, steam, ash and broken rock pieces.

Vulcan is a man that is a  Roman God of Fire and when he gets angry most of the volcanoes erupt. That’s where the word volcano comes from.

There are 1,500 active volcanoes in the world. Most of these volcanoes is around the ring of fire. There are 452 volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. 75% of the Earth’s volcanoes + 90% of the Earth’s earthquakes happen here.

Volcanoes form when magma from the outer core pushes through the crust of the Earth. Once the magma is out of the crust it is called lava. A ash cloud forms when the volcano erupts and smoke rising up which is the ash cloud.

There are three different kinds of volcanoes. They are dormant, active and extinct. Dormant means they have erupted in the past but are sleeping at the moment so won’t erupt. Active volcanoes can erupt soon. Extinct volcanoes erupt a long time ago and won’t erupt again.
These are the rocks from the volcano that erupted
scoria.PumiceLava BombBasaltObsidian.

By Hiria, Vaiola, Ana and Maria.

Yesterday Me, Hiria, Ana And Maria made a volcano for ako evening. We also made a goggle doc for our information about the volcano. This a the google doc we made.

Monday, 17 September 2018



WHAT: partner yoga challenge
WHERE: inside Room 7
WHEN: Monday 17th September 2018, in the morning, first thing in the morning
WHO: Room 7 students
WHY: have fun
HOW: miss had a slideshow, kids in partners.

Flexible, splits, lift, push, hold yourself up, hold hands, clasp hands, grip, hips, shoulders, balance, fall, collapse, tumble, flattened, 

 Roll, got into partners, move the furniture away, 
Miss explained what we were doing
First pose -  easy, happy, going to get harder, confused, confident, trust and feel comfortable with partner

Making shapes with our bodies
Keeping calm, trying your best
Which ones did you try AND FAIL? The one we tried and we failed was the bridge one and the sitting one.
Which ones were really HARD? Was the  bridge one and the sitting one.

 Most complex or difficult poses..
Which ones did you try AND FAIL?The one we tried and we failed was the bridge one and the sitting one.
Which ones were really HARD? Was the  bridge one and the sitting one.

 My favourite one was..
The hardest one was...

On Monday 17th september in the morning Room 7 students did a partner yoga challenge in Room 7. Miss ashley had a slideshow so she showed us what we were doing. My partner was hiria and she said she did this last year

The first thing we did before we get stared was do the roll moved the tables and chairs  miss ashley explained what we are doing and then we got into partners.  The first pose we did was easy and I felt that it's going to get harder and harder.

We had to make shapes with our bodies which was really challenging but we just keep calm and try our best. Which ones did you try AND FAIL? The one we tried and we failed was the bridge one and the sitting one.Which ones were really HARD? Was the  bridge one and the sitting one.

 Which ones did you try AND FAIL?The one we tried and we failed was the bridge one and the sitting one. Which ones were really HARD? Was the  bridge one and the sitting one. The most complex one was the bridge and the handstand one and the sitting one.
My favourite one was The superman one 
The hardest one was the bridge and handstand one






Friday, 14 September 2018

Climate Change Vocabulary

My Pepeha

This week my class room has be working on our pepeha. This was so cool here a video of me saying my pepeha

Natural Disasters

Information report: natural disasters

Natural disasters are a phenomenon which occur all around the world. Some are caused by moving tectonic plates, some are caused by wind and air pressure, and some are caused by other natural disasters.

Volcanic Eruptions 
Volcanoes are made out of magma that forms a volcano. It also forms lava and ash clouds. It has liquor and gas which forms lava. Vulcan is a roman God of fire. When he is angry the volcanoes erupt. Volcanoes are around a ring of fire.

Earthquakes are when the ground suddenly shakes from the ground like when christchurch get them because it is in the ring of fire.

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones re the same thing. But happened differently and different country's call these stuff America calls it Hurricane And New Zealand people call it Cyclones and Asia calls it Typhoon. Today there is a hurricane is happening in north carolina and south carolina it is big i’m just guessing.

 A tsunami is a very dangerous natural disaster and is made by tectonic plates and oceanic plates clyding. The oceanic plates goes down and the continental plates goes up and the continental plates goes up and pushes the water to create a 

Tornadoes -
 have cold dry air and warm dry air and the cold air is up the top of the tornadoes and then that means hot dry air goes and the bottom. Tornadoes are like dangerous thunderstorms and tornadoes are over land and if it was in the water it will be called a waterspouts. Tornadoes go short distance by it is fast.

Floods -
and drought flood has heavy rainfalls and it is low lying and it is really low and not high but sometimes it can carry house light ones and the house could crash into the trees and it can breck apart. When you are not close to the flood you will have time to get ready for themself and help their house to been strong but when you are really close you won and you have no time to help yourself but you make yourself have time but your house will not be strong to keep still. Droughts are when it is really dry like deserts and it has no water or plants and house will be gone and people will not be alive living in a drought.

Blizzards -
 Blizzard is when snow is falling from the sky. Blizzard are different to ground blizzard because blizzard have snow coming from the sky and the ground snow comes on the ground and grows and grows making the snow go everywhere. When there are blizzard you start to get frostbite and when you get that your fingertips and ears and on your tip of your nose freeze because they're far away from the heart. The three hyperthermia are shivering, blue nails and pale skin, you need a bottle of water to breathe and you can go to the shop to get one.

Dust storm -
 a dust storm is when strong wind blow loose and sand and dirt from dry surface and if you didn't know that the wind picks up the dirt and places it somewhere else and just sits there. Earth's dust storm is stronger than Mars because we have stronger wind and a dust storm starts by crust of winds. The dust storm last 1 hour or 2 hours .

Wildfire -
 is when the forest is on fire. The nine type of wildfire is wildfire,bushfire,desert fire,forest fire,grass fire,hill fire,peat fire,vegetation fire and veld fire. There is a negative impacts of the wildfire and that is the trees burn down and there would not be any oxygen but that is good is that when the trees rot it makes the soil richer and stronger and makes new species like animals and plants. The wildfire can be caused by man - made that is when people caused like when they use smoke,90%,arson and out of control fire.

Man-made and natural disasters can devastate people and the places we live in. Although we can’t predict most natural disasters, we can do our best to keep safe and look after our properties and things we value. 

Writing good intros

WHO: Room 7
WHAT: played the maths game
WHEN: Thursday 14th September
WHERE: in the hall
WHY: to practice our maths skills
HOW: we walked there, in teams of 6.

Bad Intro:  Room 7 played the maths game. It was Thursday 14th September 2018. We were in the hall. We did it to practice our maths skills. We walked there and we were in teams.
*notice how the information are all in separate sentences* - don’t do that, it’s boring to read.

On Thursday morning (the 14th September 2018), Room 7 walked out the to the hall to play the maths game. Room 7 plays this game so we can practice our maths skills and have a bit of a running around break.
*Put the information into sentences TOGETHER. Much better to read*

WHO: Me and my family
WHAT: went to the beach
WHEN: Saturday 8th September
WHERE: Mission bay
WHY: to have fun and enjoy the sunshine
HOW: drove in the car
Intro: On saturday 8th september me and my family went to a beach called mission bay. Me and my family drove by car and went to mission bay just to have fun and enjoy the sunshine.

WHO: me and my best friend
WHAT: went to the movies and had lunch
WHEN: on Sunday 9th September
WHERE: Sylvia Park
WHY: for my birthday
HOW: mum dropped us off in the car
Intro: On sunday 9th September my mum dropped me and my best friend off to Sylvia park for my birthday. We went to the movies and had lunch.

WHO: Me and my family
WHAT: went to nana’s house
WHEN: after church on Sunday 9th September
WHERE: nana’s house in Panmure
WHY: to have lunch together, help plan for cousins 21st party
HOW: drove in the van
Intro: On sunday 9th September after church me and my family drove in the van to my nana's house to have lunch.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Today me Syraiah-Lee and lily did a video about natural disasters. We learnt about hurricanes tornadoes typhoon and cyclone this past week here is a video of me lily and Syraiah- Lee